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Sometimes our life circumstances are so hectic, there’s really no time for children, and we may find ourselves having a hard time dealing with contraceptives. If you are 100% sure that you and your partner don’t want to have kids, a vasectomy is just what you need.

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Why  this procedure?

If you are a single man looking to have a healthy sex life without any worries of getting someone pregnant, or if you and your partner have decided not to have children, the vasectomy procedure could be the answer you’re looking for.

Juggling a career, a family, a social life and a sex life can be stressful. This procedure is a surgical male sterilization method that will offer you peace of mind while having sex and also give room to spontaneity and great intimate moments with your partner.

What happens during a vasectomy?

During a vasectomy, our doctors make an incision in the upper part of the scrotum and locate the tubes through which sperms travel from the testicles to the penis. These tubes get cut and then sealed by tying them or applying surgical clips, thus blocking the sperm from joining the rest of the seminal fluid and entering the urethra, preventing fertilization.

  • 99% effective in preventing pregnancies.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Reversible procedure.
  • Improves your sex life by giving you more confidence and spontaneity.

Our initial cost includes:

  • Surgical fees
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Anesthesia and Anesthesiologist
  • Preoperative Analysis: Laboratory tests and EKG- Cardiologist Evaluation- (the EKG is perform in patients that are 40 years old and older)
  • Medical Care (Nurses)
  • Three months of free consultations and follow up visits after surgery

The following are considered extra expenses:

  • Special compressive garment (if applicable)
  • Medication (antibiotics and analgesic treatment)
  • Overnight stay in Clinic or Hotel (if applicable)

Men who:

  • Are in good health.
  • Have decided not to have children in this period of their lives.

After you’ve had the vasectomy, you’ll feel excited about the sense of freedom your sex life will acquire. However, there are some details we should cover first.

Following the vasectomy, some discomfort, pain, bruising and/or swelling may appear, but the medication prescribed by your doctor will help you control it. You’ll be asked to support your scrotum with a bandage and tight underwear for at least 48 hours after the procedure is done. If you wish to get rid of the swelling sooner, you may apply ice packs on your scrotum.

Don’t forget to take it easy during the first two or three days after the procedure. This means no heavy activities such as sports or lifting heavy objects. Try to rest and relax. Also, you must avoid sexual activity for a week or so. Ejaculation may cause pain and/or bleeding. If you do have sex, you must confirm with your doctor that the effect of the vasectomy is already in vigor.

Don’t forget to follow our medical staff’s instructions and to attend every one of your appointments. We need to work as a team to achieve the ultimate results.

(It is important to note that recovery specifications may vary depending on the procedure and the patient; our medical staff will walk you through the details of your recovery process.)

When can I resume my normal activities?

You’ll be able to return to your normal activities 3 days after the surgery.

How long after the procedure is done will the vasectomy begin to work?

Two days after the procedure is done.

Should I consider a specific time of the year to do my procedure?

Depending on the chosen procedure, some recoveries do better on winter, while others do better on the summer time. Ask your doctor for the option that better suits your case. You should also consider periods of time in which you’ll have time to relax, like the holidays, for example.


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