Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

This legal notice regulates content and web page service use: www.evoclinic .mx

The use of Evoclinic.mx attributes the condition of Portal user (from now on will be named ¨USER¨) and implies full acceptance without every one of the dispositions listed on this legal notice. At the moment the user accesses to the portal, he must read this Legal Notice and each visit to the portal the user must read again since it may have changed.

This document constitutes the full agreement between the User and Evoclinic, regulating their use in the portal, their services, content, etc. Taking place of any other agreement or contract being oral or written, before, or during this one and Evoclinic. The user will be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when using affiliate services, content published by third parties or software shared by third parties.

Some of the services shown on this portal are ruled by this next general conditions in addition to the other legal notices in the lower part of each page. The user must read all of the particular conditions. As of, the use of this portal is ruled by all of these notifications, regulations, and instructions published by Evoclinic, which substitute, complete and modify this legal notice.

Evoclinic has the intention of providing, directly or indirectly, to the users, the access to a series of online services in which they include illustrative yet not represents a limitation, consultations through contact sheets, newsletters to be sent periodically through e-mail, online payments, informative content, editorials, among other illustrative content in order to make the user’s tasks a lot easier and entertaining while richening de user’s knowledge.

Free character

Accessing to the evoclinic.mx portal is free of charge, however, there could exist some sections where the user may have to provide information about himself, on which Evoclinic will request through an information form, where the user will need to provide all the requested, current and true information. The user will be the only responsible for his manifestations, either false or inexact that he provides and of the damages that this false information may cause to Evoclinic or third parties due to the provided information.

To access Evoclinic, the user is responsible for having a computational device with its own internet connection, either through phone or any other technology that may provide this service that Evoclinic does not offer to its users, this being said, the user is responsible for the cost caused by the connection and internet access. The user compromises to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or explode for any commercial reason, none of the content or services on the Portal, Service use or access to the service.

Privacy Policy

The user will have access to our privacy policy from any page from our portal.

Underage users

Any underage user that acquires the quality of User at Evoclinic requires previous contentment from a parent, tutor or legal guardian, which will become fully responsible for the acts done by the minor under his charge.

They will be responsible as well to determine if the content and services are suitable for the underage user.

Access and use of the content and services on the portal.

The user recognizes and accepts that all of the information, facts, texts, software, music,  sound, pictures, graphics, video, messages, and other materials either publically announced or privately transmitted are Evoclinic´s property.

In case that the user decides to use a service or tool that allows the user to publish or share information or content on the portal, the user compromises and it is obligated to use the tools provided from Evoclinic according to the applicable laws, morals, good manners, public orders and the content on this legal notice. In enunciatively yet not a limitation way, the user it’s obligated and agrees not to use these services for:

Introducing, publish, and send by e-mail or another way of transmitting any content that goes against any applicable law, moral, good manners, prejudices, threats, abuses, attacks, defame, slander, violates others privacy, generates racial, ethnic, religious or any other kind of hate or if in any way it´s different to what´s stablished in this Users Agreement, in which case Evoclinic may suspend the service to this user immediately after Evoclinic notices and the user has 5 days to fix this use or express to Evoclinic what´s best for its rights, pretending to be another person or entity, providing fake information, altered or distorted causing mistakes, confusion, misunderstandings or scam; falsifying headers, or any other way of manipulating identifiers to hide the origin of the content transmitted through the services, introducing, publishing, sending e-mails  or any other way of transmitting any content to which the user doesn´t have the right to transmit under any law or under any contract or fiduciary (As privileged information, own  or confidential known or revealed as part of a working relationship, or under confidentiality agreements) introducing, publishing, copy, obtain profit and/or sending e-mails or any other way of sending content that breaks any authors´ right, patent, registered trademark, commercial secrets. Reproduction rights or any other industrial or intellectual property from a third party or Evoclinic; introducing, publishing, sending e-mails or any other way of sharing publicity, promotional content,  junk mail, chain mail, loyalty programs or any other unilateral contract, except in those areas where Evoclinic designs expressively for this purpose. Introducing, publishing, sending e-mails or any other way of transmitting any material that may contain virus for computer programs or any other computer code, archives or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit functionality of any computational program for computer, hardware or any telecommunications equipment, interrupting the normal dialogue flow, causing quick scrolling that can cause other users not being able to write on their keyboard or another way that affects the ability of other users  to interact in real-time, real-time exchanges; interfere or interrupt services or servers connected to the intern networks connected to the services, violation of any law applicable in the national territory , such as municipal, provincial, local, state , federal or international law, including but not limiting  to issued regulations by any stock exchange in which specifically when doing stock exchange transactions and any other similar, as of any other law enforced regulation, either intentional or non-intentional. Stalk other people and any other activity different from good manners. Introduce itself to other people´s services and accede to their personal information, e-mail address, etc.

The user accepts that it´s the complete and exclusive responsibility of the users to evaluate and run the risk associated with the use of any content, including anything related with exactitude, totality, and usage of the content; thus, the user manifests and expressly recognizes that he can´t trust the content obtained through Evoclinic.

Same as the user recognizes and accepts that Evoclinic may maintain and keep in their archives their personal information, user´s content and open forums and Evoclinic may reveal it due to the law of authority required or for considering it good manner that this revelation is reasonably necessary to serve as proof in legal processes, either administrative or judicial; respect the content on this document, responding claims that involve any content that diminish third parties rights or protect the rights, the property or the safety of Evoclinic, the users and society in general.

About the use of specific services content on Evoclinic, and open forums, the user must obey this Legal Notice, and if necessary consult and stick to the specific agreements of each of them.

The user must abstain of:

Using the content illegally, with contrary intentions of the applicable laws in México, the residence place of the user or the place where the user gets access to the services, the moral, good manners and public order, reproduce, copy, distribute, allowing access to the public through any way of communication either public, transforming or modifying the content, without the previous authorization from the rights holder, suppress, elude or manipulate the rights, brands, patents and copyright, among other facts linked to Evoclinic´s Identity or their headline incorporated to their content, as of technique dispositive, digital handprints  or any other mechanism of information that may contain the Content, employ the content and in particular, any information obtained from Evoclinic or the services, to refer publicity, communications, with the intentions of direct sale  or any other commercial intention, unrequested  messages  to plural number of people  with independence of their intention , such as abstain from commercializing or sharing the information.

Evoclinic declares and the user accepts the download of any content, either pictures, texts, videos, graphics or any other, to be included on our portal in the areas of general access, the users accept and agree to provide Evoclinic the universal right, perpetuity, irrevocable, non-exclusive and totally  sub-licensed as of licensed for using, reproducing, modifying, adapting, publicizing, traducing, creating documents derivation of the originals, distribution, execution, and presentation of this content, total or partial, with the intention of incorporating it on another document or work or on any form, channel, or technology known now or developed later. In case that the user does not agree with the above mentioned, he should abstain from sending content and or material not requested from Evoclinic.

Prohibition of Spam sending through e-mail service loaned by Evoclinic.

In case that Evoclinic concede the user an e-mail account for personal intentions, the user must abstain from the next activities: Obtaining information with publicity intentions, refer publicity of any class and communications with sales or other commercial intentions without previous request and consent. Refer to any other messages not requested or consented messages to a plural number of people.

Sending chain e-mails non-requested nor consented.

Using distribution lists that may be accessed through the Services for the realization of the activities as mentioned above, share with others, and any kind of obtained data from distribution lists.

Doing any of the activities mentioned above must respond legally before the users or third parties that may be affected by the reception of non-requested messages.

The user must abstain from obtaining or even trying to obtain content through Evoclinic or the services through any way or procedures other than the ones given or pointed for this effect on the web´s portal where the content is found, or in general the ones employed habitually on the internet with this purpose.

Modifications, cancelations, suspensions and finalization of services.

The benefit of using the Portal service and the other services has an indefinite duration.

However, Evoclinic may end or suspend the benefit of using this service from the portal and/or any other services at any other time without prejudice of what it may be established on the legal notice or any other condition for each service in particular.

Evoclinic does not compromise under any circumstance to warn its users previous to any modification, cancelation, suspension, or finalization of the Portal’s services.

Evoclinic will have the right to modify or discontinue the portal´s content or any other of their services or part of it, temporal or permanently, at any moment and periodically.

Evoclinic will not be responsible before the users or thirds for any modification, suspension or interruption of the service.

Evoclinic may withdraw or suspend at any moment and without the need of previous notice the service to those users that break the established legal notice.

About the services in those where it requires a previous registry from the User, Evoclinic may in any moment, cancel or discontinue its password, account (or just a part of it) or the use of the service and remove or erase any content from the service for any reason, including without limitation, the lack of use, or in case of considering that the user has violated or acted against the present document or the essence of the portal.

Thus, the user accepts that Evoclinic will not be responsible for any case before the user or third parties for any termination in the access to the services.

Publicity and other sites links

Evoclinic offers through its portal; links to other sites, through links, banners, buttons or other gadgets that allow the user direct access to the sites mentioned above, to make the users experience easier. Evoclinic won’t be responsible for any harm or prejudice caused by:

Functionality, availability, access or continuity of the sites provided by the links. The Actualization of information, content, and services of the sites linked as of the publication of content and services in the sites mentioned above other than Evoclinic.


Eventually, Evoclinic will allow CLIENTS to promote products or services through promotions, contests, etc. The user may freely decide under his/her responsibility, to participate in those promotions that may appear on the Evoclinic Portal.

These promos do not represent any obligation to Evoclinic, Any of the terms, conditions, warranties, declarations associated with this promotions, are understood as exclusive between the user and the advertiser and/or sponsor so that Evoclinic will not be responsible for the veracity, functionality, content, and quality of the mentioned products or services or in case of payment.

The user accepts and agrees that Evoclinic is not responsible or will have any legal obligation for loss or damage of any kind that results as a consequence from the promos mentioned above or the result of the relation between the user and the advertiser, sponsor or the presence of these advertisers or the portal´s sponsors.

Intellectual property

The user accepts and remembers that the service and any other necessary software used in connection with the portal that contains confidential information that´s protected under applicable laws of intellectual property and other natures.

As of, the user accepts that the included content on sponsors or advertisers on banners or information published by the portal or advertisers, it´s protected by author´s rights, commercial brands, service brands, patents, and other rights and property laws. Except for the expressly authorized by Evoclinic or its clients, the user compromises not to modify, rent, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivate works based on the content or software either partial or total.

Evoclinic grants the rights and personal license, non-transferable, and not-exclusive for the use of software, portal and content access on just one computational equipment as long as he doesn´t copy, modify, or derived works, reverse engineering, reversive assembly, or any other way that tries to uncover configuration codes, sells, assigns, sublets, grants security interest or any other software rights transfer. The user is obligated to not modify in any way the software nor the content and use modified versions, including with no limitation, the purpose of obtaining non-authorized access to restrained services and content on the portal. Thus, the user is obligated not to enter the portal under any other interface than the one provided for Evoclinic´s purposes. Evoclinic respects the rights of third parties’ intellectual property, thus the users are obligated to do so as well.

Portal Published financial information notice.

In case that Evoclinic publishes on the portal any kind information related to financial matters, they´ll be only for informative reasons, not with commercial or investment purposes. Thus Evoclinic will not be responsible nor has the legal obligation for any commercial or investment desition that the user determines based on such information, including yet not limited, news, messages, warnings, or any other information about companies, action quotes, investments or stocks.


The user compromises to compensate and leave Evoclinic peacefully and safely, free of damage, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officials, agents, associates or any other partner or employees of any claim, lawsuit, including law attorney´s fee done by a third party due to content, or derivative content published by the user, present, announce, transmit by any of the services offered by Evoclinic, its service use, connection, or the violation to the present legal notice or other service-specific condition, or the violation of a third parties´ rights.

Evoclinic recognizes the e-mail: administracion@evoclinic.mx to receive notifications and communications. Notifications and communications sent from a different e-mail address will not be recognized as valid for any purpose.

Legislation and Jurisdiction.

In case of the existence of a controversy between Evoclinic and the users. Each party will be submitted expressly and irrevocably to the Jurisdiction of the Tribunales de la Ciudad Tijuana, Baja California, México under the laws of Estados Unidos Mexicanos, renouncing any jurisdiction that may be granted due to their address, present or future.