Amanda Ramírez

I went in to get breast implants and I loved the results! The staff was really nice and the location was really nice too! I strongly recommend it!

Patricia C
Salinas, CA.

I had a breast reduction lift with Dr.Salas and I am very happy with the outcome. His knowledge allowed me to have the perfect size, the incisions recovered as if nothing had been done to me. Excellent job. I would recommend Dr. Salas to anyone considering Cosmetic surgery in Tijuana.

Julieta Velásquez
Hacienda Heights, CA

I want to tell you that I have been a patient of Dr. Salas since 2003 and I have done several procedures. I am very happy with my results, even my 15 year old daughter had a nose job. Many of my friends and family members are very happy with their outcomes. The best doctor and staff!!! They treated like royalty!


My life has changed and I feel like now I can do whatever I want. Have a girlfriend, go out, take off my shirt, meet people, whatever.
I 100% recommend this clinic to anyone looking for professionalism and great results for gynecomastia.

Mariana Guzmán
Woodland (California)

Very professional and trustworthy. I am very happy with my results. Dr. Salas is the best. I am sure I’ll be back this summer.

Sandra Medina
Salt Lake City, Utah

I feel so happy with the results!!! Thanks to the nurses for taking care of me ♡. Doctor Salas did a great job. Thank you so much. I feel so happy!

Soledad Franco

The best surgeon in Tijuana, I love him very much and thank you for everything you have done for me, hugs.

Adriana Romero Gómez
Tijuana, B.C

After almost 10 years since my surgery I still feel very happy and content. Thank you Doctor José Luis Salas (The Best Surgeon) and the beautiful staff that treated me so wonderfully. God Bless you.

Fernando N Irene Llamas
Los Ángeles, California

The installations are fine. In addition, the staff is very professional and always treats you with the utmost respect, they are attentive and compassionate.
Dr. Salas and his medical team are the BEST! I definitely recommend Dr. Salas to family and friends!

Casandra Franco
Los Ángeles, CA

From the first day I went to the consultation, I realized that Dr. José Luis Salas had a lot of experience, the clinic was very clean and the office staff and nurses were very friendly.
My life changed since the day of my surgery, now I am waiting for a date to get my breast done. The first day of consultation the doctor told me that I needed Lipo, Lipectomy and Breast reduction, but that I had to spend some time to do each procedure, but thank God I did not need Lipectomy OR TT, only the breast.
For that reason, for me, Dr. José Luis Salas is a magician, he changed my life, I recommend him 100%.

Dalilah Cervantes

After searching and searching where to get done my surgery I decide to go to this clinic. I had a liposculpture procedure with a fat graft in the buttocks and I can tell you that it was a very good experience; being in the hands of this surgeons and nurses … the best care, I recommend it to anyone to go there. Dr. Salas made a dream come true, Thank you Clinic.



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