Loyalty Program


Once our surgeons help you, you’ll be so happy with your new image that you will want to tell all of your friends and share with them about your experience. If you are thinking about that already, Join our Loyalty Program.

With our Loyalty Program, you earn $200 USD for each patient that you recommend who undergoes Cosmetic surgery here at Evoclinic. All this person has to do is write your full name on the registration papers.


It’s important to mention that you could earn as much referrals as you want, of course there´s always a deductible fee, which is going to vary depending on the procedure that you choose.

Also, it’s important for you to know that your accumulated money is valid for 5 years (5 years from desired surgery date).

Thank you very much for trusting us and sharing your joy!
We love to be part of your Evolution!

*Restrictions apply.


Your Loyalty Program!

Why not take some advantage out of it and join our Loyalty Program? you’ll earn points for each patient that comes to us recommended by you. All this person has to do is mention your complete name.


    • The points can’t be combined with other promotions or special prices, they only apply to the Loyalty Program’s Price List.
    • The points can’t be used for medications, creams or girdles, or preoperative medical tests.
    • The points apply only to cosmetic surgeries performed by Evoclinic’s surgical team.
    • The points can’t be used for procedures such as massages, facials, or bariatric procedures.
    • The points are NOT transferable.

    *Some restrictions apply.