Pre-Surgical Massage

Every year, we perform hundreds of cosmetic surgeries and we have come to prove just how much a massage can help our patients relax and prepare for a surgical procedure. If you’re thinking of getting a procedure done, don’t underestimate the power of this relaxing experience.

Men and Women
1 Hour

Why this procedure?

It is very common for patients to present anxiety or stress before undergoing a cosmetic surgery, that’s why we strongly recommend to have a pre surgical massage, which will reduce the tension by decreasing  the levels of hormones like cortisol, responsible for stress. It also increases the blood flow, which guarantees that oxygen and nutrients can reach the affected area; boosts the immune system and eliminates toxins.

  • Reduces tension and stress.
  • Improves the results of surgery.

Men and women who:

  • Are in good health.
  • Are about to have a surgical procedure.
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