No matter how old you are, acne and imperfections can show up at any time. Whether you want to prevent this or eliminate it, a deep cleansing facial is the way to go.

Men and Women
1 Hour

Why this procedure?

Deep cleansing facials work magic on your face. They are designed to clean it thoroughly through different techniques that guarantee a smooth and glowing skin. Through this treatment, our medical staff will remove any toxins, dead skin cells and dirt, as well as excess of sebum, which can produce blackheads and acne and open clogged pores.

This treatment nurtures your skin and stimulate its blood flow. All this helps delay the aging process and minimize its signs.

What happens during a deep cleansing facial?

During a deep facial cleansing, our cosmetologists do a soft exfoliation on your face, eliminating dead cells and opening the pores. Then, they extract any black and white heads you might have. Afterwards, they let the skin rest, since it can get a little red and irritated, and finish the treatment by placing sunscreen and hydrating cream on the whole face.

  • Removes dead skin, toxins and dirt.
  • Cleans your face completely.
  • Improves the appearance of your face.

Men and women:

  • Are in good health.
  • Wish to show a healthy, clean face.
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