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Belt Tummy Tuck or TUMMY LIFT BELT

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight or your natural aging process has led you to have excess skin in your abdomen section, you’ll love what Belt Tummy Tuck (Tummy Lift Belt) can do for you!


These testimonials are meant to be a showcase of some of our surgeries’ results. However, each patient’s experience and results are different and will depend on many aspects, such as skin elasticity, age, and initial condition, among others.


These testimonials are meant to be a showcase of some of our surgeries’ results. However, each patient’s experience and results are different and will depend on many aspects, such as skin elasticity, age, and initial condition, among others.

Men and Women
From 2 to 5 hours
From 4 to 6 weeks

Why Belt Tummy Tuck?

The Belt Tummy Tuck is designed to make you feel good about yourself by improving your body profile. It will eliminate any excess skin in your trunk area and will create a slim appearance that will boost your confidence and make you feel more beautiful than ever before.

What happens during the Tummy Lift Tuck?

During a circular abdominoplasty (Tummy Lift Tuck ), our doctors make an incision from hip to hip, just above the pubic area, covering the entire circumference of the patient’s torso; a second incision is also made on the navel. Then they eliminate all the excess skin, tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall, and reposition the patient’s belly button to create a natural appearance. Finally, they suture the remaining skin back together.

Tummy Lift Belt is commonly done alongside an arm lift or an additional liposuction.

What is a Circular Tummy Tuck

Understanding Circular Tummy Tuck vs. Belt Tummy Tuck: Key Differences

A Circular Tummy Tuck and a Belt Tummy Tuck are two distinct techniques used in abdominoplasty, each addressing different aspects of abdominal contouring. The Circular Tummy Tuck, also known as a traditional or full tummy tuck, focuses on the front abdomen, eliminating excess skin and fat while tightening the abdominal muscles. This procedure involves an incision made from hip to hip, allowing for comprehensive correction of the abdominal area. On the other hand, a Belt Tummy Tuck, also referred to as an extended or lower body lift, extends the Circular Tummy Tuck’s benefits by addressing not only the front but also the sides and lower back. The incision in a Belt Tummy Tuck encircles the torso, enabling a more extensive contouring of the waist and hips. While both procedures aim to enhance abdominal appearance, the Belt Tummy Tuck provides a more comprehensive transformation by targeting a larger area, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a more extensive body contouring solution.


Mujer que adelgazó por Liposucción

  • Creates a flatter and better-looking abdominal contour.
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Reduces stretch marks.

Our initial cost in Belt Tummy Tuck includes:

  • Surgical fees
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Anesthesia and Anesthesiologist
  • Preoperative Analysis: Laboratory tests and EKG- Cardiologist Evaluation- (the EKG is performed in patients that are 40 years old and older)
  • Medical Care (Nurses)
  • Three months of free consultations and follow-up visits after Tummy Tuck 

The following are considered extra expenses:

  • Special compressive garment (if applicable)
  • Medication (antibiotics and analgesic treatment)
  • Overnight stay in Clinic or Hotel (if applicable)

Men and women who:

  • Are in good health.
  • Have loose and saggy skin around their abdomen.
  • Have recently lost a lot of weight.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards achieving that abdomen you’ve always wanted. Let us help you take care of it.

After Tummy Belt Tuck (Tummy Lift Belt), you’ll have to stay in the clinic for a few nights so our medical staff can monitor your progress. You’ll need to wear a compression garment to help the skin adhere to the subjacent tissue.

Our medical staff will place a thin tube under your skin to drain excess blood or fluid, this will keep the incisions clean and will prevent fluid from accumulating.

You must be aware that discomfort, pain, bruising and/or swelling may appear, but the medication prescribed by your doctor will help you control it.

Don’t forget to follow our Evoclinic medical staff’s instructions and to attend every one of your appointments. We need to work as a team to achieve the ultimate results.

(It is important to note that recovery specifications may vary depending on the procedure and the patient; our medical staff will walk you through the details of your recovery process.)

When can I resume my normal activities?

You’ll be able to return to your normal activities 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

Can I get a tan?

It is very important to avoid long sun exposure for a considerable amount of time after the surgery to prevent pigmentation on the scars. Depending on the procedure, your surgeon will tell you exactly for how long you must avoid this.

Should I consider a specific time of the year to do Tummy Lift Belt?

Depending on the chosen procedure, some recoveries do better on winter, while others do better on the summer time. Ask your surgeon for the option that better suits your case. You should also consider periods of time in which you’ll have time to relax, like the holidays, for example.

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