Breast augmentation prices.

All you need to know.

Breast augmentation is one of the most demanded plastic surgery procedures by women worldwide.

The main objective of a mammoplasty is to completely improve the shape and size of the breasts, giving them the characteristics that the patient is looking for, along with the advice of the specialist. To achieve this, it is vital to look for a cosmetic Clinic specialized in this type of procedure.

Although it is not usually a complex intervention, unfortunately there are numerous cases of malpractice, which have caused serious health problems in patients, mainly due to the incompetence of professionals.

For this reason, in order not to have problems with the surgery, it is very important to choose the perfect clinic, which has experts covering each of the key points of the procedure.

In this sense, EVOCLINIC, a cosmetic clinic located in Tijuana, with everything you need to undergo this procedure and face this change in your body, without any problems.

In short, we accompany you from the first moment you enter the clinic for your consultation.

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Factors influencing the price

Breast implants

Bear in mind that, in this clinic, regardless of your preference, the implant has the relevant sanitary authorizations.

Prices of the surgeons

This is another factor that will depend on which team of professionals performs the breast implants. The final price for the surgeons will depend on the team that is chosen to perform the procedure.

Each professional will value their work, according to their experience and the level of difficulty of the procedure.

In addition, it will depend on the team that will perform the intervention, including nurses and assistants.

The final price for breast augmentation also includes the type of material to be used.

All these factors can vary greatly the price of the procedure. But the key is, of course, that the surgeons are extremely qualified.

In our clinic, we have a great team of professionals, in order to achieve a successful surgery, with the results the patient desires.


Performing a breast augmentation requires previous studies, where each of the factors surrounding this intervention is analyzed in detail.

If you do not know if you can have a breast lift and/or breast augmentation, take this quiz, where we will help you determine if you are suitable.


Exploring Tijuana`s Breast Augmentation Prices

Tijuana stands as a prime destination for medical tourism, notably for breast augmentation. Renowned for its exceptional healthcare standards and affordable prices, Tijuana attracts individuals seeking top-notch procedures at competitive prices. Tijuana`s Breast augmentation prices range between $3000 to $6000, making it an attractive choice for those looking for quality care without compromising their budget. With a plethora of highly skilled surgeons and modern medical facilities, breast augmentation in Tijuana prices ensures a  superior medical expertise, catering to individuals from various walks of life seeking cosmetic enhancements.

Why should you have a breast augmentation in Tijuana?

Tijuana has become the favorite place for many patients, being the second most popular destination for medical tourism in the world. 

The reasons are varied:

  • Tijuana’s location allows it to offer an accessible price.
  • It offers the same high quality as clinics located in the U.S.
  • It has modern facilities and hospitals.
  • Overheads are much lower (electricity, water, lodging, etc.)
  • The cost of medical materials is more competitive, using the same brands as in the US.

The cost, in general, is more accessible than in the USA, saving up to 50% without losing quality in the procedures. Being located in Baja California we can offer you the same excellence that you could find in clinics in Los Angeles or San Diego.

In conclusion, breast augmentation prices vary according to each of these aspects. What you do have to take for granted, is that in EVOCLINIC, with the experience of our surgeons and the quality of our facility, the final figure will be much lower, than if you perform the procedure in the United States.

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