Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Augmentation?

More women than ever before are choosing some type of breast enhancement procedure. With our current advancement in science and technology, women will not find much trouble to improve the look of their breasts

One of these common procedures is the breast augmentation. It consists in placing implants to the breasts, in order to improve the shape, size or volume, providing psychological benefits.

The decision to have these implants on your breasts should be entirely personal, so if you’re interested in them, have a look at this information which can help you prepare for this decision.

What is it and how is it performed?

A breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty or simply “boob job”, is a type of procedure performed to increase the breasts size. It involves placing the breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. 

There are various types of implants women can choose. Your choice may depend on your budget and other personal preferences and, always, under the recommendation os the  specialist. 

Main reasons for a Breast Augmentation

One of the main reasons for this breast enhancement process is having breasts that never developed, a condition some young women may have, which is called micromastia. For these women the breast implants can help them feel more feminine and sexy.

Another good reason for this procedure is having asymmetrical breasts. Some women have different cup sizes for each of their breasts or they may have a different shape than the other. This intervention can help them improve their self-confidence.

A third reason for this breast augmentation is that it can help moms have the same shape and fullness on their breasts that they had before pregnancy and before breastfeeding. 

This procedure also helps women who had mastectomy due to breast cancer or another serious condition. It may help them feel as if they’re physically the same person as before.

Finally, one good reason for many women is that it can mean the necessary motivation to switch to a better lifestyle. Some women have followed their breast augmentation with exercise, a better nourishment, quitting smoking, and many more improvements in their personal life. 

Who’s a good candidate?

The first requirement to have this procedure is that you are well informed about the process, how it’s performed and the consequences. 

You should also be in good physical health. This means that you should not have any infections, diseases or serious illnesses. If you happen to have a chronic condition or have any health issue, you definitely need to consult with your doctor if you can have this breast augmentation.

Other than physical health, you also need to have a good mental health. These breast implants may permanently change your appearance, so you need to be mentally ready for this. You should also maintain realistic expectations and not hope that the breast implants will magically change your life. 

You should be prepared to rest and recover for some time after the intervention. Some tasks, like heavy lifting, are a definite not after the procedure. It would be wise to have someone help you with some tasks if needed.

Who’s not a good candidate?

Breasts should be fully developed before a breast augmentation is performed on them. Otherwise, the breasts may continue to grow and the implants will make them look deformed.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid this process. Breast augmentations involve making changes to the tissues that secrete milk, which may affect breastfeeding.

Talking about an intervention, breast implants require a person with good health. Having an infection can interfere with the recovery process and cause some problems.

Of course, someone with unrealistic expectations about the breast augmentation is not a good candidate for it. For this, you must be well informed about the procedure and the consequences. For example, you may need to have them checked once every year.

Finally yet importantly, women who are not doing for themselves are not a good candidate. If you’re doing it because someone else told you or you want to impress someone, even if they’re paying for the breast implants, you should definitely take a step back and reconsider your decision. 

So, are you a good candidate?

Breast augmentation is a highly personal choice. If you do not know if you can have a breast augmentation, take this quiz, where we will help you determine if you are suitable. 

Remember that prior preparation and learning about what to expect after the procedure helps patients of breast enhancement procedure have reasonable expectations and a smoother recovery.

The information above can help you make a more accurate decision. A decision that you should definitely consult with your doctor.