You don’t need to make multiple consultations to get a beautiful, new smile. There are many smile transforming procedures that can quickly enhance your smile in just a few visits.


A wide variety of smile-enhancement choices.
Because of our high tech equipment and the training of our cosmetic dentists; in EvoClinic you can find a wide variety of smile-transforming procedures depending on your personal case:

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment may be required when the tooth becomes painful, tender to bite on, particularly sensitive to heat and cold, or may have an obvious large cavity, which extends into the nerve of the tooth, or suddenly becomes dark in color. Sometimes the pulp of the tooth will die without causing any noticeable pain. Other times the face may become swollen.
General Extractions
When restorative procedures such as root canal treatment, crowns, or fillings are not enough to save a tooth, extractions may be indicated. An extraction can be performed surgically or non-surgically depending on the severity of the case. We use a mild anesthesia to be sure our patient is as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
We offer a range restorations to treat decayed teeth. We make the restorations look natural and esthetic, so that it blends in seamlessly and is barely noticeable.
Dental Crowns
Dentistry services at Cosmetic Dental Studios include crowns, bridges, and more.

Porcelain Veneers
Veneers are ultra thin layers of ceramic material bonded to the front sections of your teeth for your most beautiful smile in few weeks.

Teeth Whitening
Whitening options to banish stains and yellowing while providing natural-looking results that can help patients look and feel their best.

General Dentistry
We offer teeth cleaning services to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar, which helps to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
Cosmetic Dentistry
A wide selection of cosmetic dentistry techniques designed to help you feel more confident about your teeth and your smile.

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