A virtual consultation is the first step for patients who live far away to access a recognized and experienced plastic surgeon, with the comfort of doing it without having to travel, which makes it the most convenient option to make a decision as important as it is to pursue and achieve this important change.


Step 1

Complete your forms.

Step 2

Attach your pictures.

Step 3

Receive your quote.


Step 1

Complete your forms.

Step 2

Attach your pictures.

Step 3

Recieve your quote.

For Evoclinic it is very important to notify our patients that being overweight increases the risk of developing complications, such as: rates of heart attack, pulmonary embolism, deep venous thrombosis, and risk of infections are also considerably higher. If your BMI is between 30.1 and 33 you may request a virtual consultation, keeping in mind that your BMI must be below 30 by the day of your surgery. If your BMI is above 33, we have available for you other surgical alternatives like bariatric surgery to help you reach your weight goal. For evoclinic your safety is first.

Thank you so much for your interest. Please book an appointment with one of our patient coordinators. We can assist you with:

  • Personalized quotes.
  • Packages.
  • Payment options.
  • Help you choose the correct procedure for your desired outcome.
  • Are you traveling from abroad? We have all the information you need, transportation, lodging, crossing the border, etc.
  • Do you have an existing medical condition? Get a medical assessment to ensure that you are a candidate for your desired procedure.
  • Book your surgery.


Patricia C
Salinas, CA.

I had a breast reduction and breast lift and I’m very happy with my results. They gave me the perfect new size and my scars have healed as if I had no procedure done at all. Amazing job! I would recommend evoclinic to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

Julieta Velasquez
Hacienda Heights, CA

I just want to say that I’ve been going to evoclinic since 2003 and I’ve had several procedures done. I’m so happy with my results, I even took my 15 year old daughter to get her nose done. I’ve also taken many of my friends and family members, and they are extremely happy with their results too. The best staff! I was treated like royalty!

Amanda Ramirez

I went for breast implants and I loved the results! The staff was really nice and the location was really nice! I strongly recommend!


My life has changed and now I feel like I can do anything I want: have a girlfriend, go out, take off my shirt, meet people, ANYTHING! I would 100% recommend this institute to anyone looking for professional, great results for gynecomastia.

Adryanna R Zamudio 
Denver, Colorado

Overall, I am very happy with my surgery. Evoclinic is the best!

Alyssa A.
El Cajon, CA

I got a breast augmentation about a year and a half ago and the results were amazing! I love my new breasts! My mom and a friend of mine liked my results so much, they had their breasts done too and my aunt followed with several procedures! Also, the building is very nice and overlooks a golf course and beautiful houses.

Elaine Powell

Greatest place ever! Dr. Salas is one of the best surgeons in Mexico, I had a breast surgery with him and I highly recommend him.

Angie Mejia

I had a tummy tuck, a liposuction and a rhinoplasty, and I am really happy with the results. 100% recommended!

Reyna Elizabeth
San José, CA

I’ve had a few procedures done and I love my results! I will be going back for more!

Fernando N Irene Llamas
Los Angeles, CA

The facility is in great state and the staff is very professional and treats you with the utmost respect at all times; they are caring and compassionate. Dr. Salas and his medical team are the BEST! I will definitely recommend him to family and friends!

Mariana Guzman
San José, CA

Very professional and trustworthy. I’m very pleased with my results. Dr. Salas is the best. There’s no doubt I will be coming back this summer.





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